Premium Jute Grocery Bag


SKU: P1602S Ishaanya

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This is a unique multi functional bag with six pockets 
inside to segregate items or to keep items from mixing 
with each other. Also, this bag has soft cotton 
handles starting from bottom to reinforce the strength 
of the bag which makes this bag ideal for grocery 
shopping or travelling or picnicing. This bag made of 
laminated jute for water proof effect and durability 
and it is availble in 5 varities: 1) Lime Green 
with Black side gussets & handles, lime greem bottom 
gusset; 2) Orange with Natural Jute side gussets & 
handles, orange bottom gusset; 3) Maroon with Natural 
jute side gussets & handles, Maroon bottom gusset; 4) 
Red with Natural jute side gussets & handles, Red 
bottom gusset 5) Teal with natural jute colored 
handles and side gussets, Teal bottom gusset